Meet our Staff

Coral Rosas  and  Carla  Yriqui Carla  Yriqui

At Picasso Dental Care, our staff is ready to help you the moment you walk into our office. Over the years we have put  together a wonderful team that is energetic, hard working, caring and friendly to serve our community. We treat our patients like family and make sure we focus on what is best for your health.

Coral Rosas  Coral Rosas – Office Manager

Born and raised in Escondido CA. Coral grew up with three brothers and now she and her husband have three boys of their own. She has a 8 year old son that is in first grade and also has 3 year old fraternal twins. Coral loves to spend her free time with her family and friends.

Elida Perez Picasso Dental Care Receptionist  Elida Perez – Receptionist

Sonia Hymes  Sonia Hymes – Dental Assistant

Natalie Skeoch Registered Dental Hygienist  Natalie Skeoch – RDH

Natalie received her Bachelors in Science and Dental Hygiene at Loma Linda University. Her focus is to help her patients maintain healthy happy smiles.