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Dentist explaining an xray to a woman patient at Picasso Dental Care in Temecula, CA A dentist may suggest crown lengthening if there is an insufficient amount of tooth to allow the placement of a crown on top of the tooth. There are many reasons you would need a crown placed, including damage to a tooth.

At Picasso Dental Care, our dentists are adequately qualified and equipped to perform crown lengthening procedures based on the reason you need it. Once you come into our Temecula, CA office for a consultation, we will determine if you require crown lengthening surgery, and for what reasons.

What Is Dental Crown Lengthening?

Crown lengthening is a standard procedure conducted by most dentists. The area of the tooth visible above the gum is known as the clinical crown. A dentist moves the gum up the root, allowing more of the clinical crown to be exposed.

Our dentists, Dr. Vinh Le and Dr. Quang Le, perform crown lengthening to remove gum tissue, bone, or both in order to expose more tooth structure.

The treatment is done for therapeutic purposes, but it may also be conducted for cosmetic reasons. Our dentists may advise you to get the procedure if there is not an adequate exposed tooth surface to ensure the proper placement of a crown or bridge.

There are various reasons why your tooth structure may not be enough for a suggested restorative treatment. If for instance, the tooth has broken off around the gum line or if the gum line extends far along the tooth, then crown lengthening may need to be performed.

Again, if the tooth structure is not strong enough to allow a restoration to be done, you may need crown lengthening. Further, a crown or filling that has fallen off and may have decay underneath it, could necessitate a crown lengthening treatment.

Another reason you may require a crown lengthening cosmetic procedure is when you have a gummy smile or excess gum tissue.

What Happens During a Crown Lengthening Procedure?

Our dentists and team will begin with a medical examination. We will review your past medical history and may get x-rays to see how much damage has been done to the tooth structure.

You may also receive dental cleaning before the crown lengthening treatment to help minimize your risk for infection. The cleaning will clear out any plaque, tartar, and bacteria present in the mouth, gums, and teeth including the tooth that needs crown lengthening.

Different types of crown lengthening treatments are available, and they include surgical extrusion, gingivectomy, and apically repositioned flap surgical procedures. Dr. Vinh Le and Dr. Quang Le will establish the type of surgery depending on the appearance of the tooth's root, bone loss, crown-to-root ratio, or aesthetic considerations.

The position of the tooth and the restorative work needed for the tooth are other aspects that help determine what crown lengthening treatment will be done.

Our dentist will perform the surgery under a sedative and local anesthesia. A scalpel, laser, or both may be utilized in the surgery. After the gum is adjusted, the dentist will use sutures to close it. You may be able to resume your normal routines the following day, but complete healing takes time.

Is Crown Lengthening Painful?

Receiving crown lengthening doesn't present pain, mainly because our dentist utilizes an anesthetic substance and a sedative. You will be comfortable throughout the treatment.

However, like any other surgery, you can expect some discomfort and soreness after the treatment when the sedative and anesthesia wear off. Even so, you can manage the pain by using pain relievers.

Our dentist may provide a special mouth rinse to help the gum heal faster. Additionally, antibiotics may be prescribed because they help prevent infection from occurring. Typically, there is little to no discomfort felt when the dentist is reshaping the gum or bone tissue to expose the additional structure of the crown.

How Long Does a Crown Lengthening Procedure Take?

The actual procedure may take an hour or so, however, the exact duration depends on the nature of treatment and how many teeth need crown lengthening.

The entire timeline for crown lengthening can take a bit longer. It can last up to three months from start to finish to get the crown lengthening treatment completed.
•  If a dentist is performing crown lengthening to prepare one tooth for a crown placement, the treatment may last only 20 to 30 minutes.
•  If you are receiving the treatment to correct a gummy smile, it can take about an hour because the entire anterior surface of the teeth will be affected.
•  Once the surgery is complete, you will need up to 12 weeks of healing time.

How Long After Crown Lengthening Can I Get a Crown?

When a crown needs to be placed after the crown lengthening treatment, a dentist may have to wait about six to eight weeks before getting the final impressions.

The gums require adequate time to heal, as such, several weeks are needed to allow the healing to occur before a restoration like a crown is placed on the tooth.

Allowing for this time frame ensures that the gum tissue, which tends to shrink slightly when reattaching to the tooth during the healing period, remains in its final position.

If a crown is placed before the final healing of the gum, there may be additional shrinkage occurring, which may result in unsightly results. You may require a temporary crown mounted two weeks after the crown lengthening if you need to have the exposed tooth root covered during the healing period.

Do Gums Grow Back After Crown Lengthening?

The gums will reattach after receiving crown lengthening, but it takes some time. As such, you have to keep up with proper oral hygiene and ensure that the gum tissue isn't damaged. Keeping the area clean will ensure no bacteria or infection gets into the site.

Our dentist will provide sufficient post-op instructions to ensure no complications arise.

Learn More About Crown Lengthening and Call Your Temecula Dentist Today!

Contact today if you require further information about crown lengthening and if you need the procedure. We have a dedicated team available to take care of your oral care needs. Call us at (951) 383-2021.

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Our dentists and team can determine if you need a crown lengthening, and for what reasons. Call our Temecula, CA office today for a consultation!
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