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Dentist explaining an xray to a woman patient before a gum grafting procedure at Picasso Dental Care in Temecula, CA Have you experienced discomfort or pain when drinking extremely hot or cold drinks or foods? Do you also have very sensitive teeth or gums even though you practice good oral hygiene habits like brushing and flossing?

Dr. Vinh Le and Dr. Quang Le may be able to help patients with these kinds of sensitivities by performing a gum graft.

Sensitivity and discomfort can all be indicators that gums have receded from the base of the teeth, allowing the roots to be exposed. Roots can be quite sensitive and can cause noticeable pain to the patient when hot or cold food or drinks come into contact with them.

While gum recession generally occurs slowly and over a long period of time, symptoms will increase as they recede further. Contact us today at Picasso Dental Care to find out more information about the benefits of gum grafting surgery.

What Is a Gum Graft and How Does it Work?

Our gums do the very important job of protecting the roots of our teeth. Sometimes our gums need a little bit of extra help. That is where a gum graft comes in.

This is a very quick and easy surgery to counteract the effects of receding gums. Here at Picasso Dental Care, we're proud to offer gum grafts as an easily accessible option for restoring the overall health of your smile.

Gum grafts work by moving a small amount of tissue from a different area of the body to an area where there may be little or no gum tissue.

Gum grafting prevents the gums from receding even further, and helps cover the exposed roots of your teeth. The tissue that is used for this treatment can come from a vast variety of sources but is often taken from the roof of the mouth.

After the tissue is removed, it is stitched in a place where it is going to be used for the procedure. The stitching material that is finer than a strand of human hair!

Then, the natural healing powers of your body take over the recovery process after the treatment is complete. During this healing time, new blood vessels will grow into the tissue that was moved to help it integrate with the rest of the gums around it. If this treatment is successful, it will eliminate or reduce problems like further recession or sensitivity of the mouth.

Gum grafts are almost always very straightforward and quick procedures. In almost all cases you will only require local anesthesia, so there's no need to fast or alter your diet beforehand. The procedure itself is usually about 90 minutes, so you can be in and out the same day. You will need to get a ride home because of the medications you will receive to help with any discomfort.

Do I Need a Gum Graft?

Many patients experience gum recession:
•  It is a common symptom of gingivitis and gum disease.
•  Sometimes it can happen to people wearing braces.
•  Gum recession can even happen when you're too proactive about your oral health!
•  People who regularly brush too hard can cause their gums to recede, so make sure to brush gently.

Anyone with receding gums is a good candidate for a gum graft.

A gum graft can be an incredibly important and effective treatment for patients with severely recessed gums. As your gums continue to recede, it can end up affecting the jawbone too. As the bone shrinks, your entire facial structure changes, collapsing in on itself and aging you prematurely.

A gum graft can also protect your teeth from decay, decrease tooth sensitivity, and even make your smile look better!

What are the Types of Gum Grafts?

There is more than one type of gum graft.

The first is known as a free gingival graft, and involves the harvesting of healthy tissue from the roof of the mouth. Once removed, the section of tissue is placed on the area in need of improvement. This will instigate new tissue growth in the pockets where the gums have receded.

The next type of graft is known as a connective tissue graft. The gum tissue is removed from the upper layers of the gums and applied to the affected area. This type is the one most widely used.

The third type of graft is known as a pedicle graft. The pedicle, or "flap" of healthy gum tissue next to the tooth needing repair is cut on three sides and grafted over the affected area. A patient needs to have an ample amount of gum tissue in the area for a gum flap procedure.

How Long Do Gum Grafts Last?

Gum grafts are meant to be a permanent treatment. However, if a graft does not heal properly, or needs to be repeated, the treatment can be redone.

Aftercare for Gum Grafting Procedures

•  You will be able to go home after the completion of the procedure. However, it is better to relax and have someone else drive you.
•  Avoid brushing or flossing the gum line at the treatment area.
•  Use mouthwash to help control plaque.
•  Your dentist or doctor might prescribe antibiotics to reduce the risk of infection.
•  Avoid smoking!

Is a Gum Graft Painful?

The amount of pain or discomfort varies from person to person, as it depends on the type of gum graft performed.
You should feel minimal pain if the tissue is removed from your palate. However, if the tissue is removed from the roof of your mouth, you may be uncomfortable for a few days.

The healing process does not take that longer than one to two weeks. In some cases that take more than it does, medications are prescribed to help manage pain or discomfort.

What Can I Eat After Gum Graft Surgery?

For a week or two you will have to be careful with what you eat to avoid aggravating the graft. This means staying away from foods that are hot or crunchy, and instead opting for soft foods like eggs and yogurt.

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Healthy gums mean healthy teeth, and healthy teeth mean a gorgeous smile! Here at Picasso Dental Care, we want every patient to leave our offices with a smile on their face, so give us a call today at (951) 383-2021.

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